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Kiyaa Bengali Doll

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Kiyaa is a teenager; She is an adorable daughter, a caring sister and a wonderful friend. She is very excited to meet all the pretty Indian girls and be their best friend. Kiyaa the only 100 percent authentic Indian doll. She is Indian by heart and soul. Her features, values and lifestyle are true Indian. Kiyaa brings in learning values to kids. Her stories teach kids Indian culture, values and history. Her eyes are beautiful and bright with sharp nose like all Indian girls, with her bindi and long black hair she is so adorable and captivates anyone as Indian girls do. She is the doll for girls and collectors who are looking for perfect doll that represents real Indian girl. Kiyaa is a true Bengali Girl wearing traditional Taant Sari. Her big bindi and gold jewelry represent Bengali culture. Kids, adults and doll collectors adore her Bengali attire.


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